I might be a nobody to you, but I’m a unicorn to someone.

This morning I received an email from an event coordinator that was not only disappointing but disheartening to say the least. Let me start off by saying, I was personally invited to this event. I did not seek them out. Even though it is a well-known event that I had been wanting to participate in for some time. I suppose I missed this little nugget of information when I filled out their interest form upon accepting the invite.

Otherwise, I would have never signed on to be a part of their event.


We wanted to contact you because the event will be coming up soon. On the interest form for 2017 it was stated that all attending authors had to have a title published within twelve months of the event. We adopted this policy in an effort to bring our readers new products each year. We noticed that your last release was before the 2016 event took place and wanted to check in with you to see what you’re publishing schedule looks like so we can ensure all attending authors are bringing fresh books to the event for the attendees. If you are releasing then please feel free to promote it in the reader group as the readers love to see things from our authors. If you are not planning on releasing we would like to know if we can replace you and maybe keep you in mind for a later signing when you are publishing again.

My last release was May 17, 2016. While I do plan on releasing two more titles before this event takes place, I will not be participating in this event, or any future events hosted by these organizers and here’s why:

I should not have to pump out a book just to attend an event. Furthermore, if I am paying for the table what the hell does it matter how recently I released? I might not have a new release on said table, but I’m new to someone who hasn’t ever read me before.

I only recently discovered Tessa Bailey and she’s had books out for a few years now. When I went to her table in Chicago this year, I didn’t purchase her recent release, I bought an older book.

Are you catching my drift here?

Anyway, I couldn’t help but wonder if they would have sent the same email to someone like EL James, who hasn’t released since June 2015 or Colleen Hoover who averages about two books a year as well. I’m pretty sure they would not have asked if they could be replaced if they didn’t have a release within the last twelve months. I’m not trying to compare myself to them or their level of success.

I mean…HELLO!

But we are all authors.

We all strive to put out our best work and for some of us, that takes longer than twelve freaking months.

I’ve also heard of events shunning authors because they aren’t USA Today or New York Times Bestsellers.

This is appalling as well. There are so many amazing authors out there who write incredible stories and they are not bestsellers. But you can bet your ass I would stand in line for hours to meet them and show my appreciation.

And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

I only participate in a 2-3 signings a year. One, because they are expensive as hell and two, because I’m picky about the signings I choose to participate in. However, the ones I do CHOOSE  are run by organized people who do not discriminate against authors and their lack of accolades or published works. They are passionate readers who like you and me, want nothing more than to find their next favorite author.

As for this event, I hope one of the organizers reads this and considers getting rid of that ridiculous “policy”.

I understand you have standards, but guess what…SO DO I!!

Peace and Love,


P.S. Please excuse any typos or grammar as this was typed passionately and without the giving of any fucks. 😉




  1. You are my unicorn! I love you, your personality and your books!
    You don’t need rudeness. There is enough of that already. Just continue to be great and tell the rest to go to hell. 🙂 Love ya!


  2. Omg K, you ROCK!!! I can’t believe ANYONE would be THAT stupid!!! I have only been to one signing (so far) and I picked up a bunch of books from authors I’d never heard of, along with books from a couple of authors I love…so what they said to you makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever!


  3. I effing love this post and you! So sorry this happened and I agree it’s BS. As a reader, I hope the event updates the author list to advise attendees as I base what signings I want to attend on who will be there. I have already made arrangements for a signing where you were listed, regardless of when your last book was published. Keep on keeping on girl, you have my support.


  4. Wow! What kind of people are these organizers? They’re the ones missing out on a kickass author so yeah, there’s that. You are indeed a unicorn, one who has glitter that follows where you walk because you are just so majestic 😉 To be honest I didn’t know who you were until I came across you on GR and I immediately one clicked all of your books and fell in love with them even when they weren’t new releases and someone had asked me how I haven’t heard of you. My simple response was, I don’t know a lot of indie authors, yet! Boy do I know you now though and I am very glad I do. I haven’t been to a signing yet and if I do go it won’t be to one like this one.


  5. WOW! That’s a ridiculous policy. One of my favorite things to do at signings is look for “new to me” authors I don’t care what their most recently published book is. If I’ve never read their work it doesn’t matter. You’re a unicorn to me and I’m super grateful that one of the signings you choose to attend is so close to me so I can see you! Keep doing your thing because you’re amazing and those douche canoes don’t know what they’re missing out on!
    Love ya ❤


  6. What a disgusting way to treat someone! Who cares if you haven’t released a book in a specific timeframe; you’re still an author. Do they think by not churning out a book month after month, it makes you less of one? Absolutely not. I have a whole lot more to say but it can all be summed up by telling them to “fuck off.” You don’t need them in your life and we don’t need that behavior in the Indie book world. You’re an amazing author and I would wait years for you to release a book. I have reread the MINE series repeatedly as well as the Brothers in Blue book. Sorry you had to go through that…I would be “replacing” them with a new signing.


  7. Reblogged this on Sadie Grubor – Book Nerd Revelation and commented:
    Do you feel like a nobody?
    Well, I think you are someone’s Unicorn.. just like K. Langston.

    Though I’ve never experienced a signing asking me to back out because of my publishing dates – or lack there of, I can say that at times it does feel like a popularity game. I am in NO WAY a ‘bestseller’ based on those who are listed on USA Today or any other author/book list, and I think those of us outside of this ‘circle of authors’ can feel the disconnect – at certain times – during signings.

    Every event I’ve attended as a signing author, the organizers have been nothing but kind and supportive. I’ve been fortunate in the signings I’ve chosen and been lucky to get invited.

    While I understand the intentions of these organizers wanting to provide their attendees with ‘new product’, I’m pretty sure this is doing more harm than good for your event.

    So, I’d like to thank the event organizers I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of their signing(s). You are all doing it right.

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  8. I was going to write a long post about how I felt that in Romance there’s an expiration date, meaning books have to be the latest thing and recently released and have a 30-day buzz. But that just seems ridiculous when books are out there in perpetuity (to some degree). I’m sorry you’ve experienced this. I wish you would have been given a chance to participate because you were invited. I wish you continued success in publishing. You rock!


  9. Damn. Their email was completely unprofessional. I’d almost like to know which event this is so that I can avoid it! Sorry this happened to you. On to better, more professional, and inclusive events! 😘

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  10. You are one of my unicorns! And that policy is the dumbest shit I have ever heard! You are so amazingly talented and they should feel honored to have you regardless as to when you put out your last book, whether it be six months or three years! That is so stupid! You just keep doing what you’re doing babydoll!


  11. *Hugs* love you!! This is so spot on & I’m sorry for you & any other authors who received that email. I love discovering new to me authors at signings & itmatters not one whit WHEN their most recent book was published, bc they are ALL new to me!! 🙂

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  12. Love your article! So sorry you have been made feel this way, nobody should ask for this policy and I agree there are sometimes titles which people love and generally these are the Author first books. I am hoping one day in the not too distant future to organise a signing and we would love for you to take part. Good luck with your future writing =) LOL Isa xx

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